Electric Reach Truck YB16-R1

Safe & Efficient
• Speed limit function when fork rising to high position can avoid forklift dumping.
• Suspension system and imported drive unit with floating design make the driving comfortable and safe.
• Fork falling buffer system can reduce impact noise and make the goods safe.
• The high capacity storage battery is superior than same models in forklift industry, which ensure the working hours during once charging."
• Automatic speed limit function when turing can avoid the forklift dumping and goods thrown out caused by high speed.

Flexible control
• Suspension system and imported drive unit with floating design make the driving comfortable and safe.
• Steering wheels return to middle automatically when the machine be started, which is safe and convenient.
• Battery removing device is in button type, which makes the battery replacement easy.
• The integrated EPS steering system makes the control precise, easy and convenient, which can reduce the driving fatigue efficiently.
• The steering angle and position can be displayed in real time. 180 ° steering angle is convenient for the smooth and fast steering in a narrow channel.        

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Specifications Unit YB16-R1
Characteristics Power Battery
Operator type Stand
Rated capacity Q(kg) 1600
Centre of load c(mm) 500
Front overhang x(mm) 405
Wheelbase y(mm) 1380
Weight Curb weight (battery included) kg 2522
Axle loading (none load) driving/bearing kg 1691/831
Axle loading (full load&mast extended) driving/bearing kg 572/3550
Axle loading (full load&mast retracted) driving/bearing kg 1580/2542
Wheels Tire driving/bearing PU/PU
Driving tire size  mm φ343*140
Bearing tire size  mm φ254*100
Auxiliary tire size mm φ178*76
Wheel No. driving/bearing (x=driven) 1x/2+2
Track width,drive wheel b10(mm) 575
Track width,load wheel b11(mm) 985
Dimensions Fork carriage tile angle,forward/backward ° 2/4  *
Height of mast,lowered h1(mm) 2035 *
Free lifting height h2(mm) 100 *
Lifting height h3(mm) 3000 *
Height of mast,extended h4(mm) 3930 *
Height of overhead guard(cab) h6(mm) 2250
Height of reach legs h8(mm) 290
Overall length L1(mm) 2149
Length to fork face L2(mm) 1229
Overall width b1/b2(mm) 1090
Fork dimensions s/e/l(mm) 40*100*920
Fork carriage installation Level DIN 15173 2A
Fork outer width,minumum/maximum b5(mm) 200-680
Width between reach legs b4(mm) 750
Reach travel L4(mm) 580
Ground clearance,mast m1(mm) 80
Ground clearance,centre of wheelbase m2(mm) 90
Aisle width,pallet 1000×1000 pallet crossways Ast1(mm) 2454
Aisle width,pallet 800×1200 pallet lengthways Ast2(mm) 2654
Outer turning radius Wa(mm) 1668
Perf Travel speed, laden/ unladen km/h 9.5/10
Lifting speed, laden/ unladen mm/s 260/360
Lowering speed, laden/ unladen mm/s 370
Forward speed laden/ unladen mm/s 100
Maximum gradeability, laden/ unladen % 8/15
Accelerating time laden/ unladen s 5.5/5.0
Power Drive motor kw 6.4(AC)
Lift motor kw 8.2(AC)
Steer motor kw 0.6
Battery voltage/capacity(5h) V/Ah 48/360
Battery weight kg 623
Others Type of drive control MOSFET
Working pressure bar 165
Steering angle ° 180

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